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Afghanistan Dilemma

By Muhammad Amin Khan

As humans are obliged to live in an organized community under a common law in a specified jurisdiction, the same implies to Afghanistan but since long time that our beloved country Afghanistan is unable to have a peaceful time as Afghanistan has confronted many setbacks in many stages of history mainly due to political decisions being made by the in charge of the administration of the country of the time. For a long a tug of war persisted between British and Russian empires of great game drama as British Empire was in struggle to protect its sub-continent colony from the Afghans aggression being supported by Russian or French empires and also this led to direct confrontation between Afghans and British empires. The hostilities between were still fresh, when WW2 broke and came to an end which resulted in the defeat of Germans but let to another catastrophe of cold war whose scars are still has everlasting detrimental impact in all aspects.

The scars of cold war are still evident in our country in the form of pro-communist Revolution and subsequent pro-Islamic Jihad uprising phenomenon to which a common Afghan has no sense or awareness as on which basis these two phenomenon emerged and when it will end. Since last four decades, Afghans due to many factors mainly due to lowest literacy rate, poverty and incompetency of the ruling faction to comprehend the global political dynamics but follow irrational faiths of either communism or Islamic ideology besides being puppies to the main role players are behind the curtains. The main actors are United States of America and its allies and the other developed or developing pro-communism (Russia) or pro-Islamic ( Saudi Arabia) faith countries who set themselves in either and spare no efforts to be spectators but tries to play their role in one or other way.

The current case scenario which is in the most worst condition as currently the Afghan governmental setup is in shaky condition that is supported by USA and its allies and are trying to leave the arena to feeble Afghan government and USA and its allies are trying to fled in one or other way and leave Afghans in their worst conditions. Who are going to be blamed for all these consequences? As per my personal opinion, in first phase our low competent ruling faction from King Zahir Shah, then Red Revolution and subsequently the pro-Islamic jihadi groups who took arms to fight the Afghan government must be almost 80% blamed because the moral of this scenario is un-acceptable to a rational Afghan and has resulted in the worst form of Taliban whose wrath is yet to be endured by feeble and almost dying Afghans which will setback and throw Afghanistan into further dark ages. Almost the remaining 20% blame must be put on the outside powers who are committed to win this unwinnable war and has put Afghanistan as a fighting arena in the current global political drama. USA and Russia are the two main culprits of all the miseries and hardships that Afghans are facing and neighboring countries who has actually implemented the plans of these countries are the biggest and dangerous criminals whose punishment is inevitable.

After striking a deal with Taliban, if Taliban merges in the political process of Afghanistan, another wave of political dark clouds will emerge and Afghanistan will again turn into political, factional, linguistic, regional, tribal, rivalries which will cost Afghanistan in unimaginable way as per my personal thinking. This will led to another sort of devastation phase which will last for another many generations.

After explaining a glimpse of the whole drama that is functional since two to three centuries, as an Afghan you will now be thinking what the remedy of this whole defects. As per my personal, as we have embraced currently democracy but we have not yet utilized it. In fact, Afghans are the main victim who are going to pay the price. The ruling faction mainly tries to fill their pockets from these unfavorable conditions and all of them till to date are in total failure and must be held accountable till Ashraf Ghani who uses personal rhetoric’s to play with the emotions of Afghans. So in my personal opinion, it is the outmost and imminent obligation of each Afghan to question each prominent responsible official about his or her deeds and rethink on their achievements and reform it if otherwise and must be hold accountable and newly educated youth ( with modern day digitalized education system ) must be given opportunity to take ahead the government machinery otherwise, the main reason for devastation of Afghanistan are the ruling faction in each stage of the history except in some scenarios. I am sure, you shall be agreeing with my personal opinion about my motherland and its unfavorable future and please don’t sit as spectators as we Afghans are obliged solely to take U-turn for the development and getting rid of this sort of unexpected conditions.

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