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Afghanistan disgruntled over Pakistani military airstrike

AT News Report-KABUL: After an airstrike of Pakistani military on Dangam district of Kunar province, the Afghan government condemned it as a breach of airspace and a desecrationof Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and integrity.

Following other violations of Pakistani military along the so-called Durand Line, this time Pakistani Jet aircrafts last night dropped four bombs on Shahidan-Sarow in Dangam district of Kunar which caused significant material loses.

The Islamic Republic Afghanistan which consider the safety of citizens and respect of National sovereignty as criterion in having relations with Pakistan, ask Pakistan to respect this criterion for maintenance of relations.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan warn that continuation of such acts by Pakistani military are contrary to international relations, neighborhood principles and will have further negative impacts on bilateral relations between the two countries.

Defense Ministry Spokesman, Muhammad Radmanish, said “Although Pakistani military had other types of violations along the Durand Line in the past including cross-line mortar attacks, but this is first time the Pakistani air force commit the violation to carry out airstrike inside the territory of the country.

All units of the army, based in east of the country along the Durand Line, are directed that the patience of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is over, as it so far has fully respected all neighborhood principles and regulations, after this if Pakistan continue such violations, the Units of army will show strong reaction.

For sure if Pakistan don’t respect our national sovereignty and geography, we will use all our resources and capabilities to strongly react against all those who violate our sovereignty.

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