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Afghanistan facing imposed war: Ghani

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: President Ghani on Saturday commended the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces for faulting nefarious designs of enemies, despite changes in war tactics of the terrorists.

Afghan security forces have been bravely fighting terrorists in mountains and valleys across the country, Ghani ruled out misperceptions over bravery and patriotism of the country’s security forces. However, the President emphasized on forces to cleverly act and protect people’s lives and properties. President Ghani made the remarks during his speech at the inauguration ceremony of joint headquarter of Reaction Forces Unity of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Special Police Force Unit.

“The operations of Special Police Force Unit were of high importance because you have penetrated in the heart of the enemy. You are the loins of Afghanistan and whenever the enemy sees you, they escape like fox, you protect the lives and wealth of people,” President said.

President Ghani expressed his deep confidence and optimism in professionalism of the NDS officers and operatives and called them committed to the country’s laws, interests and national and human values.

“Officers of the NDS are committed to the rule of law and there is no place for inhuman acts, torture and abuse in the intelligence agency, you are the people who could not be accused of inhuman acts and torture because you are committed to national values and don’t forget that you are the real sons of this country,” Ghani added.

Highlighting the changes in battlefield and fate of the ongoing war and bloodshed in the country, President said, “Currently we are fighting a baseless, brutal and boundless war and I want to thank security forces that they often barred the enemy to get to their targets.”

Ghani furthered the country was moving towards stability but the problems and challenges are still existing, adding collective efforts and national will is the remedy to pull the country out of the ongoing heart-wrenching security situations and establish lasting peace and stability in the country.

NDS Chief Masoum Stanikzai also addressed the ceremony and highly appreciated the achievements made by the Special Force Unit.

“The Special Unit force was able to free tens of kidnapped people from captivity and rescued hundreds others from killing, abduction and other unfortunate incidents,” NDS Director said.

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