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Afghanistan has a golden opportunity to fight covid-19

Mujeeb R. Awrang

KABUL: Public Health Minister, Ferozuddin Feroz said Afghanistan is in a better situation than other countries who are severely suffering from novel covid-19, saying that the country has a golden opportunity to fight the virus with taking tremendous steps to control the situation.

Expressing frustration about the possible intensification of covid-19’s outbreak in a press conference on Tuesday, Feroz said that in accordance to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s static, there is a possibility of infection of over 80 percent population to the coronavirus. “About 16 million people would be suffering from it, of them 8 million would show symptom,” he said. “At least 700,000 would need hospital treatment, of them 210,000 would need serious medical treatment and 110,000 of them would possibly die.”

In the meeting with second vice president, Sarwar Danish, the minister said that the decision was made to put the day-curfew in western Herat province, where the first positive cases have been registered. The province is also on top of the table with having most of the positive cases. Health officials said that the affected people had the history of traveling to Iran.

To combat the spread of coronavirus, Feroz said the government should develop its financial and logistic sources and as well as should increase the coordination.

He once again called on people to consider the risk of virus serious, as it has posed sever crisis in the most powerful countries around the world.

“It is impossible to stop the spread of virus when our people are completing negligence in regards,” the minister added.

Those victim countries should have restring from sending new diplomats to Afghanistan, Feroz said, citing the two positive cases of foreign countries’ diplomats in Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani in a video message has expressed appreciation regarding the US financial assistance to Afghanistan for combating the coronavirus. At least 44 positive cases of covid-19 have been registered in Afghanistan, according to health officials.

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