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Afghanistan is third most corrupt country: Report

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: A new global study by Transparency International has given Afghanistan third position for in 2015.

The Kabul-based Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA), local partner for the organization, said Wednesday that Afghanistan scored just 11 points out of 100 and reached to rank 166 out of 168 countries (after Somalia and North Korea).

Ikram Afzali, Chief Executive Officer for the IWA called Afghanistan one of the most corrupted countries. “After Somalia and North Korea, Afghanistan stands at the top of global corruption list,” Afzali said.

The report claims that the country has advanced in corruption comparing to the previous years. “In 2014, Afghanistan got 12 points out of 100 and ranked the fourth.”

Afzali said that the National Unity Government had no successful efforts for elimination of corruption in the in state organs.

He termed lack of decision for and effective long-term strategy and the existence of some parallel administrations as the main factors for growing corruption in government organs. He stressed that continuation of corruption was helping dismounting insecurity.

“Corruption puts negative impacts on the dismounting insecurity and increasing joblessness which would lead towards more challenges in the future,” he mentioned.

He said that police and judiciary organs need basic reforms and practical measures in the struggle against corruption.

Nasir Timoori, researcher for the IWA called corruption one of the basic reasons of the ongoing insecurity, adding that increasing of conflicts deeply linked to corruption.

“If the government really wants to ensure security, it should fight against corrupt persons and ensure transparency and accountability in its own organs,” Timoori said.

“In the past one year, the government had no achievement in fight against corruption.”

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