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Afghanistan jumbling with racism crisis

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KABUL: Habiburahman Hamidzada, a social activist in her article said that President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah are struggling with the crisis of racism, power dispute and tribal tension and that these crises have been severely intensifying in Afghanistan.

The Independent Election Commission on Sunday has announced Ghani as the winner of the Afghanistan presidential election in the preliminary round of results. His top competitor Abdullah has opposed the results, saying that any government which is formed base on fraudulence votes would be not be acceptable for him.

Hamidzada has spoken out of some secret documents which have been submitted among US officials while Barak Obama was occupying the presidency of the America. According to him, Washington has admitted its defeat in Afghanistan.

“We don’t invade poor countries to make them rich, we don’t attack on dictators to implement democracy but we attack on harsh countries to ensure peace and what is obvious that we have been defeated in our mission in Afghanistan,” a direct speech of his article reads.

He said that tremendous national values like, rule of democracy, freedom of speech and women rights are in the verge of violation.

 Hamidzada has called Ghani a corrupted president and Abdullah a briber, saying that the power sharing between the two leaders was a failure and mistake.

The announcement of the results has faced deferent reaction by several influential figures of the country.

Presidential hopeful and former spy chief, Rahmatullah Nabil has expressed criticism towards the IEC on announcement of the results and accused the commission of favoritism and fraudulence. “The IEC has hammered the latest pin on the surface of democracy,” he added.

But, former governor for northern Balkh province, Atta Muhammad Noor, who is currently in support for Ghani, has welcomed the announcement and expressed his congratulations to the “State Builder” electoral team, led by Ghani.

Moreover, Abdullah in his official Facebook page has accused the IEC of committing corruption in election process, saying that he would defend people’s clean votes and rule of democracy in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan presidential election was held on September 28th . There were serious allegations of corruption against the election commission by a number of electoral teams.

The candidates have accused Ghani and IEC of committing systematic fraud in the election.

Hondurans of supporters of Abdullah and others electoral teams have staged widespread protests in several provinces of Afghanistan. The protestors have halted the recounting of votes in seven of North provinces; however the process has been conducted after Abdullah has called on his supporters to allow the commission to implement the auditing.

There are still concerns about the possible crisis and threats due to announcement of the results as Ghani’s opponents, so far do not accept the results.

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