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Afghanistan mourns 43 terror attack victims, as Abdullah blames Taliban

KabuL: The Afghan chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, blamed the Taliban extremist group for a terrorist attack in Kabul on Monday that killed 43 people and injured 10. If the responsibility is confirmed, it will suggest a major drawback to the strenuous intra-Afghan peace activities in the war-battered country.

Three terrorists staged the deadly 24 December attack on a government building in downtown Kabul on Monday afternoon, killing 43 and injuring 10, after almost ten hours of siege, spokesman for Ministry of Public Health, Wahid Majrooh said on Tuesday.

Security forces finally killed all the assailants and cleared the building at about 1 am, the Ministry of Interior’s spokesman Najib Danish confirmed on Tuesday morning, while putting the death toll at 28 and 20 injured. “All attackers were killed by the midnight, before which 350 employees of the department were rescued,” he said.

The attack had started with a car bombing near the Ministry of Public Works and the National Authority for People with Disabilities and Martyrs’ Families in Kabul’s PD16. The, three assailants began shooting and cleared their way into the building.

Although no group has claimed responsibility, the Afghan Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said he saw the Taliban extremist group and their sponsors behind the terrorist attack. He said on Tuesday that Taliban had no courage to enter dialogue with the government and had the cruelty of launching terrorist acts.

The Taliban has rejected involvement in the attack however.

At an event in Kabul on Tuesday, he said the enemies of Afghanistan yet again perpetrated a crime against the innocent people. The main perpetrator of this incident is the Taliban.

“Any country providing sanctuary to the Taliban and supporting the terrorist network are behind the attack,” said Abdullah.

“The Taliban crime syndicate must know that with every attack they carry out against our people further strengthen our resolve to eliminate them,” he said.

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