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Afghanistan nationals released from jails in Karachi


Kabul: Pakistani authorities have released 56 Afghan citizens, including 24 children, from jails in Karachi city of Sindh province. The release was made as a humanitarian gesture by the Pakistani authorities to ease the burden on Afghan refugees.

The Afghan Consulate in Karachi has confirmed the release and thanked the Pakistani authorities for their assistance. The released individuals will now be repatriated to Afghanistan with the help of the consulate.

Afghanistan has been facing an unprecedented crisis that the decades long conflicts has led to the displacement of millions of people, who have sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Pakistan. However, many Afghans have been arrested and detained in Pakistani jails on charges of illegal entry or other minor offenses.

The release of these Afghan prisoners is a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The move is expected to improve the humanitarian situation for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and ease the pressure on Pakistani jails.

The Afghan Consulate in Karachi has called on the Pakistani authorities to release all Afghan nationals who are being held in detention centers across the country. The consulate has also urged the Afghan refugees in Pakistan to follow the rules and regulations of the country and avoid any illegal activities that could lead to their arrest and detention.

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