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Afghanistan needs a stronger Air Force

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KABUL: Afghanistan needs a stronger Air Force and more equipments including fighter jets to be able to fight the insurgency.

Although the US provided Afghanistan with some military aircrafts and choppers, the Afghan forces mostly depend on US Force’s air support in fighting against militants.

The U.S. military has provided Afghan security forces with military equipments worth of $600 million. The equipments include Humvees, night vision-goggles, weapons and bullets.

As Afghan security forces are engaged in heavy clashes with the militants now days- which will be same for them in the future too, any kind of military provision is helpful but what the Afghan security forces really need is to be provided with Air Support on the ground- supplying food- shifting reinforcements – and bombarding the militants’ hideouts.

The US-Taliban peace deal that also laid out a safe gradual withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan give the militants a great power as the US Forces have significantly reduced their operations on the Taliban especially airstrikes. “When violence goes up, airstrikes and capabilities and out operations and support of the ANDSF,” said, Gen. John Deedrick, the Commander of Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan.

The Afghan security forces have been constantly praised for fighting the militants but the main challenge faced against these forces is lack of a proper military-aerial system. Even if the US pullout troops responsibly and Afghan government reach a peace deal with the Taliban- a longtime waste dream- Afghan Air Force should be provided with a developed and update aerial system. Our military lack radar system which is considered as the pillar of the US Force that defends the aerial sovereignty. We live in a chaotic geographical region with opportunists neighbors; all of them have improved military equipments and Air Force system. If the US really stay committed to the agreement which it signed with the Afghan government in 2014 that laid out a cooperative format between the two countries, it should do more for Afghanistan either financially, politically and militarily. Afghanistan has been a war battle for US forces for the past two decades; therefore, it is better for the US to support the Afghan forces with well-known military equipments rather than fighting the militants by itself- suffering casualties and spending a large amount of money.

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