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Afghanistan-Pakistan relations souring after Mullah Baradar’s visit to Karachi

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KABUL: Relationship between Kabul and Islamabad already not so warm, is worsening after Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar visited Pakistani city of Karachi where he was said to have met injured militants being treated at a state hospital.

In a statement issued Monday, Pakistan foreign ministry warned that “public and negative” charges made by specific Afghan officials would harm peace process in Afghanistan as well as Kabul-Islamabad’s joint efforts to improve bilateral cooperation.

The statement has expressed concerns over the destruction charges, calling on the Afghan peace negotiators to avoid from accusing and show more flexibility for greater goal of peace.

“We are concerned over negative words from a specific Afghan official and also from non-official Afghans. We would like to emphasize that open charges will be harmful for the Afghan peace process and our joint efforts for improving of cooperation,” it said.

President Ghani’s first deputy Amrullah Saleh had earlier criticized Mullah Baraddar’s visit to Pakistan.

Saleh had claimed that Baradar was in Karachi to encourage Taliban fighters.

Baradar’s visit took place after the Afghan and Taliban peace negotiators agreed in mid-December on a three-week break.

Baradar who leads Taliban’s political office in Qatar where the peace talks were held, also met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad.

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