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Afghanistan ready to take action to combat the spread of Coronavirus

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KABUL: The ministry of public health assures people of fully readiness in prevention of the Coronavirus that takes victims in China, the country it was found for the first time.

Health Minister, Firozuddin Firzo, said Saturday that they had meetings with officials from World Health Organization to ask for help regarding prevention of the virus and have got positive response from the UN-funded organization.

But physicians warn that the virus transfer to Afghanistan would be easy since the two countries have big trade deals. The physicians said the government needed to take serious prevention steps.

The Coronavirus have affected hundreds of people in China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the United States. At least 41 patients have so far lost their lives.

The public health ministry says no sign of the virus was diagnosed so far in Afghanistan, but warned that it would be a matter of concern.

The ministry plans to establish teams at the Kabul international airport to test the travelers.

The physicians also warn that people who to Saudi Arabia to perform the Umra, could cause the virus transfer as people from different Muslim countries gather in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Kabul residents ask the government to prevent the virus transfer by any means.

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