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Afghanistan stands behind Pashtuns in Pakistan

AT-KABUL: Political Adviser to President and CEO of High Peace Council, Dr. Akram Khpalwak has termed the ongoing Pashtun public uprising in Pakistan of high value for long-lasting peace in the region.

Commenting on Pashtun Long March in Islamabad and peaceful protests on the other side of the so-called Durand Line, Khpalwak said people have to gear up their individual and collective efforts for prevailing peace and an end to war.

“Afghans on both sides of Durand Line are victims of terrorism,” Khpalwak displayed a message on his official Twitter account.

Akram Khpalwak said Afghan government and general masses believe in strengthening democracy, power and cohesion of people to establish durable peace and stability in the region.

“It’s time for Ulema, tribal elders, youth, women and all others to raise their voices and step up efforts for prevailing peace in Afghanistan and around the region,” Khpalwak added.

Moreover, Rahmatullah Nabil, former NDS Chief wrote on his Twitter, “Pakistan army has conducted many operations by the name of ‘War on terror’ such as Al-Mizan, Rah-e-Haq, Sher-Dil, Serat-e-Mustaqim, Rah-e-Raast, Rah-e-Nijaat, Koh-e-Sufaid, Zarb-e-Azb and others, but not yielded any required result.”

“Baluch+Sindh+Pashton upraising against Army/ISI is the most strategic operations of War on Terror,” Nabil Twitted.

Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtuns can change/save Pakistan and region by saying no to Pakistan Army/ISI and their terrorist proxies, he added.

Haroon Hakimi, diplomat at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC said on Twitter that awakening of tens of millions of Pashtuns is an important step for weakening the violence and bringing peace to both sides of the Durand Line and region. The World should support it.

The censored voice of millions of Pashtuns who have suffered from the brutal policies of Pakistan is arising which is big no to state sponsored terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism, Hakimi Twitted.

Moreover, Mariam Solaimankhail, an Afghan politician has also extended her deepest unity and solidarity to the Pashtun Long March in Islamabad.

“As a strong supporter of the lar o bar yow Afghan National mission, I have always cried against the suppression of our people on the other side of the imaginary line,” Mariam told Afghanistan Times.

She said finally to see our long silenced youth across political affiliations stand up gives me happiness and hope in the fact that one day the world will see the real and authentic nature of the Pashtun people.

“The nature that was lit on fire by Bacha Khan, the nature that showed the world that we are the peace loving, non-violent, dynamic and welcoming people,” Mariam added.

Majeed Qarar, another Afghan diplomat at Afghanistan Embassy in Washington DC in his comments on Pashtun Long March in Islamabad said, “For the first time after the cold war era, Pashtun masses in Pakistan raise the slogans of independence. This new upraising surge is led not by conventional politicians, but by a new generation of youth. The demonstrators called Pakistan a terrorist state.”

Forth more, political activists in Kabul, comprising Attaullah Hairan, Maiwand Aryan, Sayedullah Salam, Aimal, Sifat Zwak and others are actively running social media campaign in favor of Pashtun Long March in Islamabad and extending their unity and solidarity to Pashtun brothers and sisters on the other side of Durand Line.

Separately, Pakistan sponsored Good Taliban killed Idress Wazir—a young students of Law the other day in D.I. Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to create rifts among the Wazir and Mahsood tribes, aimed at undermining the Pashtun Long March in Islamabad. However, the wiser tribal elders and youth, headed by Ali Wazir who father—Chief of Ahmadzai Wazir along with other family members have been killed by Pakistan’s war proxies did not let any division between tribes and in reaction, launched a crackdown against Good Taliban. Thousands of thousands tribesmen from the two mentioned tribes gathered and set Taliban offices and cars on fire in D.I. Khan.

Commenting on the public upraising against Pakistan’s war proxies, Majeed Qarar said, “Burning the offices of Taliban by Pashtun protesters, in fact turns to ashes the hopes of Pakistani establishment to radicalize this proud nation.”

Similarly, a Washington-based Afghan activist and student of American University, Washington DC, Noorullah Ahmadzai said, Pakistan still denies the presence of Taliban open recruitment offices. The international community should politically the Pashtun Long March, adding this is the momentum to eradicate these terrorist camps run by the government of Pakistan.

Additionally, thousands of thousands Pashtuns from Khyber Agency staged a big demonstration yesterday near the Torkham Crossing-point against the security forces of Pakistan. The protesters asked Pakistan to withdraw its civil and military administration from Pashtun areas, under Pakistani occupation. The ongoing Pashtu Spring in Pakistan is the outcome of Pakistan’s brutalities against the innocent Pashtuns. Pashtuns in Pakistan want complete independence from Pakistan and urges the US led international community to support them directly and trigger Pakistan in the court of justice for conducting slow motion Pashtun genocide and violations of human rights violations in FATA. Protesters chanting slow of independence and express their hatred against Pakistan imposed terrorism and militarism. The only way to abandon Pakistan’s project of terrorism is required support to Pashtun, Baloch and Sindhi ethnic populations in Pakistan to bring durable peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the region.

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