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Afghanistan, Taliban tilt towards solution amid talks’ stagnation

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KABUL: The Afghan government and Taliban negotiators have agreed and resolved 18 out of 20 cases of differences.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad said Monday that the two sides’ contact groups continue meetings on the procedures of the intra-Afghan talks and only two points of differences have remained unsolved.

However, Khalilzad did not provide details on the solved and unsolved points.

He expressed concerns about the high violence in Afghanistan and its impact on the intra-Afghan talks, said that violence is one of major obstructions on the road to peace and increase distrust.

“We want violence reduction and urged in our Doha meetings that violence needs to be reduced.”

He said that 40 year war is difficult to be ended in a few weeks, but the people of Afghanistan and the international community want the war end soon.The Hanafi religious jurisprudence and the US-Taliban peace deal that Taliban urge should be the base of negotiations, are still matters need more discussions.

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