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Afghanistan terms Russia’s concerns inappropriate over Daesh influence

AT News Report-KABUL: Afghan government termed Russia’s new concerns over the influence of the Daesh terrorist group as “inappropriate”.

An official for the Russian federal security has newly claimed that Daesh is focusing on Afghanistan.

“Daesh failed in Afghanistan and it is impossible that the terrorist group establish a center in the country as it had in Iraq and Syria,” said Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the defense ministry.

He added that Daesh initially planned to establish its bases in Afghanistan. “I confirm that Daesh has activities in the country, but it cannot establish big centers, so Russia should not be worried.”

Alexander Bortnikov, Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service, said that Daesh was teaming in Afghanistan in the wake of its defeats in Iraq and Syria.

Moscow has frequently expressed concerns over the Daesh influence in Afghanistan. Russia is reported to have provided Taliban with arms with the aim of struggling Daesh. Russian authorities have denied supporting Taliban.

Afghan parliament also confirmed the Daesh influence, saying the group’s activities that were limited in the eastern province of Nangarhar, has expanded in several provinces.

Abdul Hai Akhondzada, a member of parliament, said that Daesh was expanding its activities day after day and has presence in several provinces. “My analysis is that the next centers of Daesh will be Afghanistan as it was defeated in Syria and Iraq.”

He asked the government to launch immediate operations against Daesh with the help of the international troops.


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