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Afghanistan Times celebrates 15th anniversary with a vision towards future

Fifteen years ago today, we began our sojourn as Afghanistan’s first national institution to publish English news content, with a focus on the country’s current affairs – a mission characterized by objectivity, impartiality and professionalism

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Afghanistan Times, which was established on July 25th 2006 as a trailblazing English newspaper and a genuine symbol of freedom of speech. We have been covering the world of politics, economics, entertainment and sports ever since, with columns for opinion and commentaries. Over these years, we have been growing exponentially in terms of professional news content, reaching out to more readers.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Afghanistan Times has reached a landmark and a central component of the Afghanistan Times that distinguishes us from all others and makes us the preeminent place for English journalism in the country is respect to precepts of objective journalism and professionalism, with the use of its team of committed journalists and media specialists.

The newspaper printed its first issue in carnets as an eight-page newspaper, now it is in twelve pages – four in color. It has been a bumpy road for us. Surviving all these years in Afghanistan has not been easy. We can proudly say that we have strived immensely to disseminate impartial information and unbiased news content and opinion to our readers. We have also developed our reporting techniques to match standards of flagship international newspapers.

As an independent English paper, we pride ourselves in achieving what we have in the face of meager resources. We have played an important role in enlightening public opinion with our feature stories, commentaries, and editorials, opinions from our readers, pictures, and cartoons. We have not received any funding for our operations since July 2009 and we are indebted to our indefatigable journalists and personnel for their hard work. Regardless of its predicaments, Afghanistan Times keeps shining in the print media industry.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, media outlets in Afghanistan faced a major drawback. A number of print media and digital media outlets suspended their operations as funds kept shrinking. Some even closed their doors permanently when they saw their revenue plunge, and some went for a major downsizing to the detriment of the journalist community. But Afghanistan Times was unfazed by the vicissitudes of the pandemic. It kept its staff in spite of a crippling economic downturn.

After fifteen years of working in the post-Taliban era, Afghanistan Times won’t take this opportunity for granted and will continue with its unbridled mission to be a leading newspaper for many more years to come.

Attaullah Waziri, Political analyst

Many congratulations to the Afghanistan Times and its team on the completion of 15 years of its publication. The Afghanistan Times over these years has done an outstanding and commendable work in bringing to its readers authentic information, reports and opinions so vital in this age of media.

The Afghanistan Times has been a great source of precise and accurate information on the situation in Afghanistan, the region and rest of the world. On this commemorative occasion, I wish The Afghanistan Times team greater success and achievements.

Rahim Gul Sarwan, VoA journalist

As I am a long time reader of Afghanistan Times News Paper, this is the leading English newspaper in the country. Despite challenges, Afghanistan Times as a great paper shined well along other media outlets in the past years to strengthen press Freedom across the country.

This newspaper provides good features, articles and analysis on current situations to the readers. As this Newspaper is marking its 15 anniversary, I wish further success to the staff and management team of the paper.

I hope this paper progresses more and more to remain as one of the leading papers and be a good window of information for the people in the country.

Shamim Shahid, Pakistan journalist

Though Afghanistan had established its identity as a country of intellectuals, writers, thinkers and poets but it was lacking a popular media organ. Due to one or other reasons, government and people had failed in establishing a media organ on western pattern which not only make criticism against the state organs for its misdeeds or help motivating common people opinion towards right or positive direction.

Soon after 9/11 tragedy when Afghanistan got a fragile opportunity of establishing a centralised authority along with a constitutional political set up, The Afghanistan Times emerged on media scene of this war affected country. The paper has a good induction as it provided an opportunity to its people to inform rest of the world of its miseries and expectations as well. And The Afghanistan Times succeeded very well in getting these objectives to some extent. 

Like of precious four decades Afghanistan and its people still ahead with the imposed polys of continuing hostilities and violence. Therefore The Afghanistan Times needs to further speed up its efforts for saving Afghanistan and its people of plunging into another era of crises.
Associate. Prof. Mohammad Sarwar Ahmadzai Director of Regional Studies Center Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times is a newspaper published in English in Afghanistan. It is the only publication in the region that publishes a variety of stories, articles, and analyses about Afghanistan and the surrounding region. As a researcher, I read it every day since it is a trustworthy source that follows all journalism ethics, and I commend the entire team on their accomplishments. At the end I congratulate the 15th anniversary of this paper to all its staffs and management team and wish them further progress in the aspect.

Dr. Jawid Sangdel, Professor at SWISS UMEF University

I congratulate the Afghanistan Times and its team for the marvelous success of becoming a mature newspaper celebrating its 15 years anniversary. I testify to the authenticity of information and professionalism of the newspaper and impartiality of its reports and opinions. I wish that the Afghanistan Times’ team will achieve greater success in its way forward.

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