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Afghanistan Times marks 11th anniversary: During this period, tremendous achievements made by Afghanistan Times even in the face of scant resources

AT News Report-KABUL: The Afghanistan Times, leading English Newspaper in the country marked its 11th anniversary on July 22, 2017. The newspaper started publications in carnets as an eight-page newspaper in 2006, which is today in 12 pages (four in color). This paper belongs to everyone because it is a national institution and not the voice of a government or any private organization. Afghanistan Times staffers are fully committed to serve the nation while following the principles of professionalism and journalist ethics. It is worth to be mentioned that Afghanistan Times since July 2009 has not received financial assistance. Today, The Afghanistan Times enters its 12th year journey as a symbol of freedom of expression and institutionalization of the foundation of democracy. It is great pleasure that Afghanistan Times has been shining in the sky of printing media in the country. It is worth mentioning that stability, impartiality and reporting about the current situation are not easy task particularly providing stories and articles in English. According to the publication contents in the last ten 11 years, Afghanistan Times mostly has made efforts to disseminate impartial information to the public thoughts. During this period, Afghanistan Times witness development in fields of preparation of standard news interviews and repots. It is of immense fortunate that Afghanistan Times as an independent English outlet has broken the record in the country to convey the extensive message of people to its readers. At the states-quo, we should understand that when country face challenges, media turn soldiers and pen turns into sword against the enemy. It a fact that the sworn enemies of Afghanistan is  making all out efforts to destabilize Afghanistan, even trying level best to invade our culture. Nothing this, it is the duty of media to defend their culture against aliens’ culture. The enemies are always in cabin to pour salt on our injury through different ways, but media have fundamental responsibility to struggle against these stranger plots. At the same time, media is the eye and light of nascent democracy. Media’s positive role in promotion democracy, peaceful living activities of culture is irrefutable. It is also important to be mentioned here that freedom of express is one of the biggest achievements in the country in the past half and one decade. Surly, it was due tiredness endeavors of journalists and those who lost their live in this aspect. This huge achievement has to be protected. Undoubtedly, Afghanistan started publication among the media family at the time when the world needed to know the incidents and development of the war-hit country, correctly and transparently. Our impartiality and refection of political evidence in the country made Afghanistan Times as trustful and important news agency for national and international readers.  It is special takedown regarding the tremendous achievements made by Afghanistan Times even in the face of scant resources. Unlike others, Afghanistan Times is not dependent on foreign donations—rather it relies on its own generated resource. Afghanistan Times is a candid voice that wants to be remembered as a paragon of a fearless journalism.

A brief background

The Afghanistan Times is an English-language daily newspaper, headquartered in Kabul city. It is a non-partisan, non-profit, impartial and neutral media organization, founded in July 2006. Advertisements and subscription are its major sources of income.

The Afghanistan Times is published in 12 pages including 4 pages in color. It covers news, articles and photos in different sectors including political, social, cultural issues as well as sports, entertainment, economy, provinces, South Asia and World. News and reports on the most important events of the day are also printed.

Since its establishment, The Afghanistan Times has tried to extend its circulation and services to as many people and agencies as possible. At the very beginning, circulation was 3000 copies, and later on it increased to 6000 copies per day. Today the Afghanistan Times daily newspaper has subscribers in foreign embassies, NGOs, different businesses, Airlines, Hotels, Bookstores and Individuals.

With its diverse and versatile operations, The Afghanistan Times strives to spread the news and events of ultra-importance to its readers. It has established itself as distinguished media conglomerate delivering latest news and highlights. The Afghanistan Times reaches out to readers in media outlets and international organizations as well as government offices and the general public.

The Afghanistan Times’ vision is to broaden public knowledge and deliver timely and efficient news to its readers.

Its quintessential objective is to improve English language journalism and upgrade professional news-making to a higher level. Through its concentrated training programs and vocational training tours abroad, the Afghanistan Times continuously focuses on capacity-building of its employees and new-comers and encourages flourishing cadres and the elite journalists. The corporation also provides newsgatherings, and communications network in the Afghanistan media industry.

Distinct values of the Afghanistan Times are impartiality, honesty and sharpness in bringing facts to light. It incessantly functions as a means to impel accountability of the government to its people. The Afghanistan Times as part of the flourishing media helps people raise their voice, keeping in mind the democratic values.

The board of directors of the Afghanistan Times consists of three members including Mr. Mansoor Faizy as the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Manager and Finance Manager.

The three departments of Marketing, Finance and Administrative constitute the Afghanistan Times’ operating structure, all working under supervision and guidance of administrative board comprised of heads of the three departments and administrative officer. With premium expertise and experience, the key staffs including Designers, Editors and Reporters operate under control and supervision of the Editor in Chief.

Our subscribers include high-profile national and international organizations foreign embassies, NGOs, telecommunication companies, ISAF, English language courses, universities, different businesses, Airlines, Hotels, government and nongovernmental organs and Bookstores.


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