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Afghanistan to supply 30m doses of Covid-19 vaccine within 2 years

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KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday said that the government will try to source up to 30 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines within one-two years.

Acting Minister for Public Health Wahid Majroh said that Afghanistan needs 48 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines, with a number of countries pledging to donate 16 millions as well as hundreds of thousands doses vaccines arrived or will arrive from China, India and USA.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that Afghan government by using current financial sources will try to supply 30 million doses of vaccines from qualified companies within one-two years.

He said that currently vaccination of the China vaccines is going on in the capital and different provinces.

Also 468,000 doses of India vaccines will arrive within two first weeks of the month of June, he added.

Dr. Majroh while expressing concern over the surge of the third waves of Covid-19, he said that if the citizens don’t pay attention to preventive measures, the number of infected people will increase further and in this case hospitals will not be able to admit all patients due to lack of beds.

Pointing to shortage of oxygen in some cases, he said that installation of oxygen concentrators in several government hospitals had a positive effect on the open market and if this step was not taken, the shortage of oxygen would have been much higher than now.

Hinting at the import of oxygen from Iran and Uzbekistan, Dr. Majroh said that the government exerted utmost efforts to fill the gap.

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