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Afghanistan urges reduction of Saudi-Iran tensions

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: After Saudi Arabia cut off its diplomatic relation with Iran, the Afghan government expressed concerns over the recent diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

“Afghanistan pursues friendly relations with all Islamic countries as well as its neighboring countries,” The Presidential Palace said on Friday in a media statement.

It added that Afghan government had stressed on strengthening unity among all Islamic nations and asked both countries to normalize their relations.

The current situation would neither benefit Afghanistan nor the two Islamic countries and nor the regional countries, the statement added.

To prevent further escalation of tension, the Afghan government requested the two countries to resolve their differences through dialogue. The statement termed Saudi Arabia and Iran as brotherly states.

The statement furthered that based on  the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations as well as other customary international practices regarding protection and immunity of diplomatic mission it obligates the host country to ensure safety and security of diplomatic missions.

Hinting to the protesters that stormed the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran, the statement said that Afghanistan in the same manner that the Islamic Republic of Iran did, condemns the attacks on the embassy and consulate office of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and Mashhad respectively.

The attack was a breach of the Vienna Convention, the statement believes.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it is severing diplomatic ties with Iran following attack on its embassy in Tehran during protests against execution of a prominent Shitte cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Saudi Arabia has recently executed 47 people including a conceited al-Qaeda leader and a Shitte religious leader on charges of terrorism.

Nimr al-Nimr, the Shitte leader was accused of inciting violence and leading anti-government protest in the country’s east in 2011. He was convicted of sedition, disobedience and bearing arms.

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