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Afghanistan is a victim of global climate change

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A two-day workshop to raise awareness of climate change was launched Sunday in Kabul by a network supporting climate to include a debate on climate change as national priorities.

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency who have participated in the workshop say that Afghanistan is a victim of global climate change and we cannot afford to fight climate change due not being able to get money from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

“Climate Change is a major threat to Afghanistan,” said M. Neman Hekmat, the deputy to environmental protection agency, adding “The risk of climate change in Afghanistan is different which is difficult to identify”.

Expressing that Afghanistan is vulnerable to climate change, Hekmat said: “80 percent of Afghan people are farmer that are vulnerable to climate change and agricultural water”.

The 16th conference of (COP 16) was held in relation with (UNFCCC) by senior representatives of 193 participants.

The participating countries in the meeting agreed to create a $100 billion fund called the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries combat earth heat.

The GCF’s administration was convened by a 24-member council that Afghanistan achieved its membership in 2015.

“By 2020, we need 17 billion dollars to fight climate change, but we do not have the capacity to get the amount from the GCF,” the deputy to environmental protection agency added. “GCF does not pay much attention to less developed countries like Afghanistan”.

According to some predictions, by 2050, the temperature in Afghanistan will increase from 1.2 ° C to 3.5 ° C, which will reduce the water level in the country.

The debate over drought is said to be one of the main issues of climate change in Afghanistan as the geographical location of the country has caused a 4-year draught every 30-year.

“Afghanistan is a victim of global climate change,” said Abdul Wali Mudaqiq, the policy assistance of the environmental protection agency. “Afghanistan has had a 4-year drought in every 30-year, now, it has a 5-year drought in every 10-year due to global climate change,” he added.

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