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Afghanistan welcomes Russia’s tripartite summit proposition

AT-KABUL: The government of Afghanistan seems optimistic about Russia’s offer to hold a meeting with the representatives of the two countries and the United States.

The chief executive office said Wednesday that the meeting would help Afghanistan turn to a cooperation point of the two rival powers (the US and Russia).

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov in a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani at the sideline of the Tashkent conference asked for the trilateral meeting. Presidential office said that Ghani welcomed the offer.

Kabul hopes the meeting would result in the favor of Afghanistan. Political analysts say that Moscow aims to put an end to its “accusation game” with Washington.

Javid Faisal, deputy spokesman of the chief executive, said the government was working to finalize consultations on the time and place of the meeting.

“In general, the meeting will help Afghanistan to become a cooperation place between Moscow and Washington. It also helps Afghans reach their goal that is the peace process,” Faisal said Wednesday.

The United States is yet to comment. The US troops’ commander in Afghanistan, John Nicholson had earlier accused Russia of providing arms and weapons to Taliban fighters, saying the arms were provided to the insurgents through Tajikistan.

Both Russia and Tajikistan dismissed the allegations.

“What is clear is that Russia is unhappy with the blame games with the US. Moscow plans to put an end to this game in a face to face meeting with the representatives from the US and Afghanistan,” political analyst, Ali Amiri said. “Nicholson’s allegation was a matter of concern for Russia.”

Amiri said the blame games between Moscow and Washington would be harmful for Afghanistan.

Russia has said it doubted the US acts against the Daesh terrorist group, adding that thousands of Daesh fighters had come to Afghanistan from other countries.

Russia’s allegations were rejected by the US military officials, who count the number of the Daesh fighters some 1,500. President Ghani counts the number “less than 2,000”.

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