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Afghanistan welcomes US aid cut of Pakistan

AT-KABUL: The government of Afghanistan has welcomed the United States’ financial assistance cut to Pakistan, saying the move could stop Islamabad’s supportive projects of terrorist groups.
A spokesman of the chief executive office said Kabul would welcome any steps pressure countries that support terrorism.
“Any moves that pressure terrorist supporter countries are welcomed by Afghanistan. We believe such moves are in the benefit of Afghanistan, region and the world, because existence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan depends on their supporters,” Omid Maisam said Monday.
He added that the financial aid cut to Pakistan was part of the United States’ strategy for South Asia.
The US military announced recently that it had cut the 300 million dollar aid to Pakistani army, the assistance earlier postponed due to what it was called “lack of Pakistan’s measures against armed insurgents”. Washington accuses Islamabad of harboring insurgents who fight in Afghanistan for 17 years, an allegation denied by Pakistan.
The US congress had already stopped other donations to Pakistan that is totally 800 million dollars.
Political analysts in Kabul believe that this is an opportunity for Afghanistan to get benefit by sharing its evidences against Pakistan’s support of terrorist groups to the United Nations Security Council.
“This will affect Pakistan just if Afghanistan uses the chance timely. Cut of aids means that Pakistan is a terrorism supporter country. The US has the right of veto in the UN Security Council, so, Afghanistan should hand its complaints against Pakistan to the Security Council,” said Ahmad Saeedi.
Nader Khan Katawazi, a member of parliament asked the US to continue pressures on Pakistan and force it abandon supporting terrorism.

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