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Afghanistan welcomes US aids suspension to Pakistan

AT News Report-KABUL: The government said it would welcome any UN decision that helps peace and stability in Afghanistan, a statement just after the Trump administration announced it suspended tens of millions of dollars of military aids to the neighboring Pakistan.

Shah Hossain Mortazawi, a spokesman for President Ghani, told the Radio Liberty, that he hoped the US recent move could cause the change of “some countries’ stance” against Afghanistan.

“We expect the decisions held, will help peace and stability in the region and put positive impacts on the negative policies of some countries regarding Afghanistan,” Mortazawi said, claiming that the US new strategy for Afghanistan had changed the regional situation.

Sources in the US government have said that the suspended aids would cost two billion dollars.

The sources added that the amount given to Pakistan in the framework of fight against terrorism, would probably be suspended too.

Washington says it would keep aids suspended until Islamabad makes honestly steps against the Taliban, Haqqani network and other armed groups staying inside Pakistan.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry in reaction to the US decision, said that “the unilateral statements, change in the way to the goals and imposing arbitrarily deadlines would negatively impact on the struggle with terrorism.”

It said that Islamabad had spent 120 billion dollars in the fight against terrorism that deserves to be praised by the United States, adding that Pakistan was committed to do its best for protecting its people’s lives and properties.


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