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Afghanistan Will Not Go Back To War Era, Assures Official

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KABUL: Afghanistan is not expected to go back to the dark era of war, deputy defense minister Shah Mahmood Miakhil assured.

Civil wars in the 1990s by the mujahideen groups changed Kabul city to a ruin. Now, the people of Afghanistan are worried they would witness another war after the United States pulls its troops out of the country that would pave the ground for Taliban militants to intensify attacks for taking power.

Miakhil said Sunday that he was confident the US and other NATO-member states would continue assisting Afghan security and defense forces after their withdrawal.

He said the NATO would keep assisting Afghanistan until 2024, while the US Congress would also continue helping Afghan troops.

The deputy defense minister said the international community doesn’t want Afghan forces to be dissolved as they were in the 1990s.

“Donations will continue. The world, the region and Afghanistan do not think now that the national security forces be dissolved and the country return to the war era. Everyone needs them for security,” Miakhil said.

He promised that that the government would suspend reconstruction projects to finance security forces in case the US and NATO stop assisting.

“The capacity of security forces is enhancing year by year and they are now at a good position and are able to run the war.”

Miakhil said that the al-Qaeda terrorist group is active under Taliban umbrella and does not control any area in Afghanistan.

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