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Afghans asked to seriously follow health advice amid spiraling covid-19 outbreak

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: The Afghan masses have asked to act seriously on the recommendations of Ministry of Public Health on prevention of the novel and deadly coronavirus thorough the country. The panic has came after a sharp increase in positives cases of covid-19 that so far 40 people infected with one fatality.

Allude to the negligence of some countries, Afghan health authorities asked the Afghan masses to obey by the precautionary measures to reduce the risk of this epidemic virus among their family members and society.

The epidemic coronavirus outbreak has isolated over 120 countries population across the world as well as killed thousands of people. This is the deadly disease, where health official have asked the Afghans to follow the recommended instructions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ministry of Public Health advised all people to regularly and thoroughly clean their hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash with soap and water.

Besides washing hands, social distancing for at least one meter (3 feet) is also important as it safeguard from coughing and sneezing of the infected one. Moreover, officials have asked people to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth as it triggers possibility of infection.

Health Ministry Spokesman, Wahidullah Mayar asked people to prefer to doctor if they are suffering from fever, cough and difficulty to breathing. “Seek medical care early, stay home if you feel unwell, and avoid attending formal and non-formal gatherings.”

Also according to doctors taking enough vitamin C and D could help people to have good defense body system against this disease.

If the situation continues the same, the positive incidences of coronavirus likely to be increased, he said, expressing concern over what he called ignorance of people to follow health advice.

Speaking at a press conference, Mayar said that the vibrant presence of citizens in parks, resorts and city centers indicates that the deadly threat of the coronavirus has not yet been taken seriously by many of the people.

Dr. Mayar said that the total number of people with coronavirus in the country has risen to 40, with six more confirmed cases of coronavirus till Sunday evening. He had confirmed one person’s death from coronavirus who was also suffering from chronic liver and kidney problem.

Elders and those with heart disease, diabetes and cancer are more prone to death to this virus, Mayar said.

The public health ministry has called on the government quarantine Herat province—a source of outbreak. Schools, universities, hotels and wedding halls have been shuttered across the country to help prevent coronavirus spread.

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