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Afghans celebrate Mullah Omar’s death

“Government shall not talk to minions of the United States and Pakistan. Peace process will not yield positive results. The bloodshed will continue without any pause as the US and Pakistan want to destabilize the region,”—SPA

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Hundreds of Afghans, including women, young and elderly people, on Sunday took to the streets of the capital city, Kabul, and celebrated the death of the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Celebrating the death of Mullah Omar, residents of Kabul City chanted anti-Pakistan, the United States and anti-Iran slogans and termed the Taliban and other militant groups ‘agents’ of the three countries. Biggest celebration-cum-protest demonstration was held in Shahr-e-Now area. The protest was organized by the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), where the protestors chanting slogans “No Taliban, no Daesh, no US, no NATO, no corrupt system”, “Deal with the Taliban is betrayal” and “Death to killers and criminals”.

Such protest was never witnessed in history of the country. It was for the first time that residents of Kabul City criticized the Taliban and their leaders so clearly and openly. The protestors were holding banners and placards. The banners with pictures of the Taliban leaders including Mullah Omar, were inscribed with anti-Taliban slogans such as, “Mullah Omar like other Taliban leaders was hand tool of the United States and Pakistan, deal with them is a treachery,” “Mullah Omar and his crime partners must be prosecuted,” and “The Taliban are the passive minions of Pakistan and the US.”

Spokeswoman of the SPA, Selai Ghaffar, said that though, the “Taliban project” has reached to its dead end, the National Unity Government (NUG) speaks proudly about starting direct peace talks with the insurgent group.

“Lifespan of the Taliban has come to an end. Their white flag changed into black with surge of fascism and oppression in the name of Daesh. Government shall not talk to minions of the United States and Pakistan. Peace process will not yield positive results. The bloodshed will continue without any pause as the United States and Pakistan want to destabilize the region,” she said.

Selai Ghaffar said that durable peace could be achieved if the Afghan insurgents groups had no connection with their foreign masters.

The SPA believes that the US government and its agents are trying to seal a secret deal with the Taliban in the name of peace.

Speaking against the “controlled” reconciliation process, Selai said: “The talks are a process to give a clean chit to notorious Taliban murderers under the pretence of moderation and integration of the insurgents into the Afghan government. Traitors want to misuse the thirst of our people for stability and security. They have evil designs. Their designs are to push our country deeper into quagmire of insecurity and instability.”

She stressed on national unity to end the ongoing bloodshed.

Morsal, a protester, said that Afghans should not be deceived under the pretext of peace process. She said that several war criminals would join the government using the slogan of reconciliation.

Regarding death of Mullah Omar, she criticized those who offered the funeral prayer for the Taliban leader in absentia in Kabul. She also slammed the government for remaining silent over the offering of funeral of “a militant commander”.

The protestors also released a resolution saying that the Taliban were the product of colonial policies of the US government during the Cold War era.

“Apparently the White House is in war with the Taliban, but in reality it wants to occupy Afghanistan…it has taken full advantage of them. It wasn’t accidental when Joe Biden officially announced ‘Taliban are not our enemy’. Therefore, during the last fifteen years despite the presence of tens of thousands of foreign troops in our country, the Taliban were not uprooted but were empowered,” the resolution said.

The resolution further said that death of Mullah Omar is a good lesson for all criminals and “minions of the foreigners” to learn from. They are used by their masters when they are useful, they are thrown away when dead.

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