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Women wearing a burqa wait for free bread in front of a bakery in Kabul on January 24, 2022. (Photo by Mohd RASFAN / AFP)

Afghans face harsh winter despite humanitarian aids


Kabul: The Afghanistan branch of the United Nations Food Program (WFP) said the poor families have exhausted all their food reserves and resources before winter, and they will face the threat of death when the weather turns cold.

The department added: “Many poor families in Afghanistan have finished all their sources of food, and with the arrival of winter, they will suffer even more hunger and face many problems.”

Millions of dollars have come to Afghanistan in the name of humanitarian aid and the series is still continuing, but the international community still uttered the level of poverty is increasing day by day and nearly 19 million Afghans do not have anything to eat.

Although the World Food Program says that it has stored approximately 72 thousand metric tons of food in some remote areas, which are difficult to access due to cold weather and snowfall.”

These international assistances are necessary for the prevention of humanitarian disasters, but they cannot be a permanent solution for problems.

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