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Afghans feel pains of Sri Lanka attacks

The people of Afghanistan maybe the only nation in the world that feel the pains of the victims of Sunday’s bomb attacks in Sri Lanka, because Afghans have been the victims of such deadly attacks for a long time.

The multiple organized bomb attacks that were dismissed by most of the world leaders as “terrorist act” claimed the lives of tens of innocent civilians and injured hundreds of more. The attacks targeted churches that are holy places for Christians just like mosque for Muslims, synagogues for the Jews and temples for Buddhists where people go just to worship and pray. Hotels were also attacked.

The attacks that took place following twin barbaric attacks against two New Zealand mosques that killed and wounded tens of people, explain that no religions, boundaries and nationals are important for terrorism that only aims to kill people. This is what both the government and people of Afghanistan have frequently called on the international community to be united in battle against the inauspicious phenomenon of terrorism that is shedding bloods of helpless civilians in different countries and jeopardizing stability. Afghans are killed in the mosques, on the streets and in their homes and work places almost every day by terrorist networks.

Unfortunately, some political leaders and brokers turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the calls of this desperate nation. These politicians seek their dirty goals and interests in continuing of war and, killing of people and destruction that is a satanic temper and is against the culture of humanism that requires peace and coexistence.

This is not too late for an internationally cooperation and the region and the world have still chance to adopt a unified stance against international terrorism to rescue people in the world and pave the ground for the next generations as our heirs to live in bright and peaceful situation. Some governments that do not take the danger of terrorism serious, make horrific mistakes, because the flames of this phenomenon will reach them sooner or later. They will be condemned as traitors by their history even their own people.

The people of Afghanistan are saddened to hear about the Sri Lanka attacks on the Easter Sunday which remind them of terrorist attacks that take the lives of their loved ones with the latest attack that targeted a government body on Saturday, killing and wounding a number of security forces and civil government employees.

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