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Afghans flee home amid rising insecurity

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KABUL: Increasing instability, unemployment and bad economic condition are forcing large number of Afghans to leave the country for a better life in abroad.

Hamid and Diana, who married a month back in the western Herat province, say that they decide to leave Afghanistan for Europe due to rising insecurity and to secure a better life there.

Diana, 24, said that she does not have hope for a better future in Afghanistan and feels more insecure with each passing day as both couples are government employees.

“We do not want our children to be the victims of the current war and poverty. We hope to have a comfortable life abroad. My husband does not have job security in this country. The security situation did not improve and it is getting worse. We decide to migrate to Europe for the sake of our children’s future” she said.

Violence has intensified across the country following US announcement to pull out troops from Afghanistan.

People are concerned over the deteriorated situation and the loss of achievements gained in the past two decades.

Many people leave the country in order to have a secure and better life abroad.

Jawad Karimi, resident of Badghis province and his family members applied for US visa six months ago and are now impatiently waiting for getting the visa.

Karimi said if he was not granted visa, he would go illegally to Western countries.

He said that he closed his office and put his home in auction.

The number of illegal migrants is surpassing legal migrants.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) does not have exact figures of people who take refuge to abroad but says the number is on the rise.

The UNHCR Spokesman Nader Farhad said that Afghans apply for asylum in the US, Australia, Europe and the neighboring countries.

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