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Afghans in Belgium slam anti-Karzai slogan

AT-KABUL: A number of Afghans in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, have organized a protest rally on Tuesday and announced support to the former President Hamid Karzai and condemned the ‘act of an insult’ against the ex-president.

They held the demonstration in front of the building where the summit on Afghanistan was taking place. They chanted slogans, “Long live Hamid Karzai” and “Death to the enemies of Afghanistan and Afghans”.

Condemning the anti-Karzai slogans, the protestors termed Karzai as a national leader, and said that insult to the ex-president as an insult to the whole nation.

Spogmai Radio reported that the demonstrators also called on the international community to impose sanctions against Pakistan as the country was supporting terrorists in the region.

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