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Afghans mark Ashoura in peace, tight security

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KABUL: The Ashoura, a ceremony that Muslims across the world commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (A.S.), grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), was marked in peaceful space and by tight security measures.

Ashura, the 10th of Muharram is an official holiday in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries and people mourn for their Imam.

President Ashraf Ghani and Vice President, Sarwar Danesh joined the mourners on Tuesday in a Kabul mosque.

Ghani called Imam Hussein’s move as a great historical move that should be researched in scientific and academic centers.

He suggested that Imam’s move should be introduced to people through scientific articles and seminars.

The president praised Afghans for coexistence and empathy, saying that Afghanistan is a unique and example state for religious unanimity.

He also emphasized on maintain the republic system in the country, calling it as a “red line”. “If I remain alone like Imam Hussein (A.S.), I will still stand for republic system,” said Ghani.

The president also said that presidential elections would be held on time. Ghani added that peace is the will of every Afghan, but urged the peace process should be led and owned by Afghans.

Vice President Danesh, said that Imam Hussein’s move was for a reform in Islamic society, freedom, struggle against oppression and tyranny, as well as preserving of human dignity and social justice.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who also attended the Ashoura ceremony in Kabul, called martyrdom of Imam Hussein by Yazid as an unforgettable crime in the history of humanity.

“Imam Hussein’s move took place at a time when the society was facing different kinds of corruption and deviancy. He felt responsibility to bring reforms in the society and thus he ensured justice by sacrificing himself, his family and companions.”

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