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Afghans must seize peace opportunity: Rana Think Thank

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KABUL: Political pundits participated in the monthly session of Rana Think Tank, have called on all Afghans, including the leaders, to put aside their differences and seize the current opportunity for peace and desist the past blunders.

The Afghans from leadership to ordinary, must learn from past faults and be united to restore peace and stability in the country. Afghans, since four decades, are thirsty for peace and have suffered a lot in this period – hundreds of thousands were killed – wounded – orphaned – widowed – as well as thousands others disabled. No more room left for them to bear the brunt of this war, the participants said, calling on the government to use any sorts of opportunity resulting to a durable peace and stability.

The experts lashed out at government policy of omitting one and another under different names rather they said all Afghans should embrace each other in a bid to have a prosperous country. The only way to reach peace is to become united first, they said.

The keynote speaker, Haji Deen Mohammad, who is an active member of the High Peace Council, told the participants that unity is the initial element providing the Afghans a reliable path toward peace.

A peace talk, which is underway between US envoy and Taliban negotiating members in Qatar, is a good chance for restoration of peace, Mohammad said, emphasizing it must not be missing out.

Hinting toward ceasefire as pre-condition by the government that already rebuked by the Taliban, Deen Mohammad said such a demand should not be taken as a tool to sabotage the process.

The core discussions between US and Taliban have 

The core issues discussing in the 11th round of negotiations in Doha, fall in the sphere of reduction of violence he said. However, the Afghan government has touted the violence reduction plan as unfeasible and rather presses on with a necessity for ceasefire.

The presidential palace has warned that negotiations to resuscitate peace will be on a sticky wicket without the Taliban’s assent for ceasefire.

But, Haji Deen Mohammad said that places such as schools, clinics, mosques, Madrasas and some other public places should be included in part of violence reduction, “These areas must not be attacked by the Taliban.”

If the Taliban reduced violence, the government and coalition forces should also do the same, he said.

He also emphasized over period of violence reduction that should be comprehensively to help build trust building between the two parties. He also talked about an inclusive peace team to be formed and represent to present the Afghan people and the government.

In the peace talks, the stakeholders will try to preserve their interest, he said, calling on the Afghan sides to stay vigilant and act smartly to take the opportunity for peace, and work for the Afghan interest. 

Peace activist and former head of Independent Commission for Overseeing Implementation of the Constitution, Gul Rahman Qazi said; “Afghan’s houses destroying and only the Afghan people are killing in both sides, and till when we see our youngsters, who are the capital of our society, being killed or wounded.”

“To get rid of current bloodshed, there is a need to bolster up self-confidence and self-believe and come up to the fore with a united hand to eliminate the mistrusts.”

He called on Afghan leaders to work for peace, and never give up on the process. He said peace will prevail if all Afghans jointly work for it.

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