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Afghans Protest Mohib’s Speech In UK

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KABUL: A number Afghans staged a rally nearby the Oxford Union in England on Wednesday to protest the speaking event of the former Afghanistan National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib.
They chanted the slogans of ‘Mohib is a traitor’ and blamed him for the collapse of the former Afghan government.
Mohib was invited by Oxford Union to give a speech at an event on Wednesday, but his speech was interrupted by the protest nearby.
Video circulating on social media showed the protestors.
“Those who fled the country, they committed a betrayal that paved the way for the collapse of Afghanistan,” said Torek Farhadi, an international relations analyst.
“One of the main reasons for the collapse of Afghanistan and the collapse of Afghan values was him (Mohib) being weak. He was unable to maintain some new value for Afghanistan and maintain a relationship with the world,” said Javid Sangdel, an international relations expert.
A video clip from Mohib’s speech was released on social media and includes him saying that one of the reasons for the collapse of the former government was the media.
“Our government collapsed because there was no unity of purpose,” Mohib said. “Afghan media was advertising… Telling me, why I wouldn’t want to say that the Afghan army has weaknesses? Because that is exactly what led to the demoralization,” he said.
This comes as thousands of students, academic figures and activists had signed a petition which call for an cancelation of Mohib’s speech at the Oxford Union.

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