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Afghans remember Japanese friend ‘Nakamura’

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KABUL: Japanese physician Tetsu Nakamura, a good friend of Afghans who served them for several years, was shot dead by unknown gunmen on December 4th last year in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of the province of Nangarhar, where he was busy in welfare projects.

Now, one year from his death Nakamura is greatly remembered by the people of Afghanistan who call him a real and honest friend, wanting the perpetrators of his murder to be punished.

Nobody accepted responsibility for 73 years old Nakamura’s killing and the government’s investigation in finding them is still in vain.

Nakamura’s three bodyguards and his driver were also killed in the shooting.

His body was flown to Japan being accompanied by his wife and daughters who had come to Kabul.

Nakamura was known as Kaka Murad (uncle Murad), for the similarity of his name to an Afghan name (Murad).

President Ghani had ordered an immediate investigation for his murder, calling him as “Afghanistan’s Hero”. Ghani had promised to send his killers “to hell”.

But the investigation has reached no result after one year.

“Investigation on the murder of the Japanese doctor still continues and we have found some evidences to help us conclude our investigation,” provincial governor Ziaulhaq Amarkhil said on Friday.

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