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Afghans want peace, Taliban must reduce violence: Gen. Miller

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KABUL: The US and NATO led mission top commander, Gen. Scott Miller said that the people of Afghanistan want peace and that the Taliban should lower the level of violence.

“Afghans want peace,” the US commander said in visit to North of Afghanistan in which he was also accompanied by deputy minister of defense, Shah Mahmood Miakhil. “And so, the Afghan security forces will continue to protect the Afghan people. But at the same time, we’ll be prepared to pursue the right paths toward a peaceful settlement.”

The Resolute Support mission in a statement aimed the reason of the visit to monitor security maneuvers in northern Afghanistan. The statement once again reiterated NATO’s support to the Afghan security forces.

 “We are here with Gen. Miller to talks to commander of (Shaheen 209) and evaluate the security situation in North,” said the deputy minister.

Miakhil said that the Afghan security forces didn’t seek war and that military operations aiming to provide a peaceful environment to gain people’s trust about possible peace.

The ministry of defense in a statement on Saturday said that the level of violence by the Taliban remained high despite the government’s tremendous efforts for peace.

Commander of Shaheen-209 corps, Gen. Haybatullah Alizai said that security forces would not refrain themselves from any-type of response if the militants attacked them or posed hurdles for the people.

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