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Afghans want rail, road links with Pakistan: China

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KABUL: Afghan leaders and members of society are “very keen” on motorway and rail links with Pakistan, Yao Jing, Chinese ambassador in Islamabad said.

Mr. Jing, who has also served as China’s ambassador to Afghanistan, believed a railway line between the Gwadar port and Kandahar would be a beneficial trade and transportation route.

In an interview Geo News, the diplomat remarked Pakistan had a huge potential to emerge as a hub of regional connectivity and trade.

Mr. Jing said t he has spoken to the Afghan leaders and society who are very keen to not only have motorway links with Pakistan but also more railway links.

Mr. Yao said he is very glad that Pakistan is working for peace and stability in Afghanistan which will ultimately open up trade far beyond, to Central Asia, which is looking to expand its access to trade routes.

“The development of Gwadar and also in the meanwhile the development of port of Karachi and Port Qasim offer this kind of hope, this kind of prospect for regional connectivity,” said the ambassador.

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