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Afghans want violence reduction

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KABUL: Most of the people in Afghanistan reject rumors that violence has reduced, saying that conflict and bloodshed has unprecedentedly increased amid the ongoing peace negotiations.

A survey made by the Institute of War and Peace Reporting, says that the number of people disappointed with peace efforts has increased comparing to the past year. 8,500 people were interviewed in the survey, most of whom have said that war had intensified.

Enayat Najafizada, from the Institute, said Saturday that this was the second survey about the peace.

“Most of the interviewed people that make up 70 per cent have said that violence has not decreased in Afghanistan. 14 per cent said a little reduction while 37.7 said that it has decreased,” said Najafizada.

The European Union who finances the survey, has expressed concerns over thee increase of violence in the country. The EU office in Kabul said that the people of Afghanistan were tired of war and want cease fire.

“This survey reveals people’s understanding of Taliban not only by quantity but also by quality, especially at present time that violence has increased and people are more afraid,” Roland Kobia, head of EU office in Kabul.

Delegations from Afghanistan and Taliban sat in front of each other for the first time just 90 days ago in Qatar to talk about ways to end war and bring peace to the country.

But attacks against defense and security forces as well as civilians has since intensified in different parts of Afghanistan, with the provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Kunduz and Badakhshan being the field of deadly attacks.

Killing people by magnetic bombs is a new style the terrorists adopt.

75 per cent of the people interviewed in the survey have called on the Afghan government and Taliban to agree on a lasting cease fire soon.

Sayed Saadat Mansour Naderi, state minister for peace, said that cease fire was Kabul’s priority during the negotiations with the Taliban.

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