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Afghans will never accept Durand Line as permanent border: Protestors

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Hundreds of people came to the streets on Wednesday to protest against Pakistan’s aggression and cross-Durand Line attacks at the Torkham crossing. The protesters said that Afghans would never accept the Durand Line as permanent border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan’s intention to build a check post at the Torkham area caused a three-day clash between with Afghan border police. Three Afghan border police and two children were killed and 20 others were injured.

The protestors denounced Pakistan’s cross border attacks, saying that they would defend their territory until the last drop of their blood.

“We run the protest to condemn cross border attacks and aggression in Torkham by Pakistan paramilitary and announce support from Afghan forces,” said Faiz Mohammad Zaland, who had organized the demonstration.

Laghman Tribal Elder Mohabatullah Khan Shirzad who attended the protest, said: “We protested to raise our voice against Pakistan aggression in Torkham.”

“We never accept Durand Line as border.”

“I will support Afghan army in war against Pakistan and will resist up to last drop of blood in anti-Pakistan war,” Khan said.

Another protestor Mohammad Munir Ibrahimi wearing army uniform said that “Afghan people never accept aggression in Afghanistan soil and will defend territory.”

The protesters then submitted a resolution to the United Nations office in Kabul to register their protest against Pakistan’s aggressions.

Pakistan through intelligence services and military establishment has constantly perpetrated political chaos into Afghan territory. We strongly condemn these policies and demand that Pakistan should quickly abandon this nefarious design of negatively pursuing aim in Afghanistan as soon as possible. Since long time Pakistan has fueling the undeclared war in Afghanistan, we strongly demand from the United Nations (UN) to define this war to the Afghans and put the perpetrators at execution for their wrong doings according to the international law. Pakistan under the religious mercenaries and proxy is fighting war inside Afghanistan while using the name of Islam and jihad for the wicked design. Pakistan under these mercenaries wants to achieve the dirty chauvinist “strategic depth”. We demand from United Nation, OIC, and other international Islamic organization to not support Pakistan. We further demand from the international community and rights groups to take tough measure against Pakistan. We want from United Nation to put ban on Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and their puppet terrorist groups. United Nation should also put these mercenaries in black list and freeze their financial support and assets. These groups have led so many crimes and atrocities against humanity under the divine name of religion and sects. United nation and their permanent member states including United Kingdom should understand that Durand Line is a 19th century colonial imposed line. Afghans have never accepted this line and will never accept in future too. All Afghans collectively rejects Pakistan’s position on Durand Line. International community especially UK should assured Pakistan that Afghans will never accept this artificial line in front of any force. Pakistan should understand Afghans will never let their colonized soils to neo-colonizer. We also want to convey the clear message to the world that the people of Pakistan is not our enemy, we want peaceful coexistence with them. But the only hurdle to the whole regional peace is the dominant Punjabi ruling elites, who want to impose their neo-colonialism and imperialism against all oppressed nationalities, especially Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtoon. These oppressed nationalities already struggling for self-determination rights. We support democratically their struggle for freedom against the repressive colonized subjugation of Punjab military establishment. We consider the Pashtoon in Pakistan the worst subjugated colonized nationality. The colonized Pashtoon are the non-separated part of the Afghan geography and history. We also want from United Nation (UN), US, and friends of Afghanistan to equip and support technically the Afghan National Army (ANA) according to the professional modern requirement. A professional and discipline Afghan force will ultimately resist more sufficiently the threat of terrorism including Pakistan’s aggression. International community should know that support for Pakistan means support for terrorism. International community should stop military and economic aid to Pakistan if they want to defeat the menace of terrorism. We also want from US to support Afghan forces in front of Pakistan’s aggression as according to Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA).The protestors also strongly demands from the Afghan government to think about alternative trade transit route to reduce the dependence on Pakistani transit trade route. Afghan government should also take measure to decrease Pakistani made commodities in the local market and increase Afghan made commodities.

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