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AFJC condemns the attack on Afghan private TV in Kabul


Kabul: The Afghanistan Journalists Center has confirmed the “attack of security forces” on the private Tamdan TV in Kabul and condemned threatening of employees of this media which is an arbitrary action and against the mass media law.

A source in Tamdan TV, who asked not to be named, told the Afghan Journalists Center that the incident happened at 4:30 yesterday.

He said: “Seven or eight people from the armed security forces entered the television with a violent attitude and insulting and threatening tone and behavior, which made us panic.”

They went up and down in the TV building and gathered the employees in the hall by force and threat, and after about half an hour they left the TV building and took two TV vehicles with them.”

According to Tamdan TV employee, the security forces did not explain the reason for this action.

Tamadan TV says that “There are faction1 within the government that are against the “Islamic moderation discourse” that is widely covered by Tamadan TV.”

The Center of Afghan Journalists considers the attack of the Islamic Emirate forces on Civilization TV and violent behavior along with insulting and threatening employees and seizing the media’s vehicles as an arbitrary action and a clear violation of the law in order to exert pressure and interfere in the affairs of a news media, which is prohibited according to Article 4 of the Afghanistan’s mass media law.

The Afghan Journalists Center wants the officials of the to explain about this incident and while investigating and dealing with it, prevent the repetition of such incidents.

Tamdan TV was established in Kabul in 2005 by Ayatollah Mohammad Asif Mohseni. In addition to news, this TV broadcasts religious programs, films and TV series with Islamic content. In the month of Ramadan of this year, the intelligence forces ordered Tamdan TV to refrain from publishing any kind of movies and series.

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