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AFO urges govt to balance women’s rule political affairs

AT-KABUL: The newly established Afghanistan Feminism Organization (AFO) on Sunday strongly criticized nepotism in hiring and firing of figures particularly women, asking the government to bring balance in women’s presence in decision making in the country.

“Still nepotism and discrimination deems as a barrier ahead of women in hiring and firing, thus it is required of government to take step and address the issue, said Head of the AFO Khatera Yousofzai.

She said that women are not hired in high positions, so it is essential to hold step and bring balance in the aspect.

The AFO established at the objective to defend from women right and serve for betterment of women across the country, she added.

She said that AFO would be quite different from other countries’ feminist parties, it will seek and support women rights through Islam decree and direction throughout the country.

Minister of Women‘s Affairs Delbar Nazari, said that “empowering of women and boosting up their political participation is on top prior for Ministry of Women’s Affairs.”

She said that Ministry will hold step to improve women presence in election, media outlets and decision making across the country.

Meanwhile number of women activist and Parliament female members announced support from AFO in future.


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