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Afrasiab Khattak: World turns back to Afghanistan

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KABUL: A senior Pashton politician of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has expressed concerns over the current chaos in Afghanistan, saying that the world turned its back to this war-torn country.

Afrasiab Khattak, a former senator and top Pashton politician in a video message said that “A grave tragedy is happening in Afghanistan. The country of the Afghans is being fractured. The system is being broken.”

“Undoubtedly,” he said that there were some internal problems in Afghanistan, “lack of national consensus.” According to him, there is an international game going on and that Afghanistan is becoming the victim of “this game”.

 “It is third time in 100-year, that the system is being collapsed in Afghanistan… first was the era of Ghazni Amanullah Khan and second 1992… when the country was affected by the Mujahideens… and now is the third time…,” he added. “Afghanistan is left to the wolfs. The world turned its back to Afghans.”

He accused Pakistan of having a big hand in the Afghan conflicts. “The Taliban are going from Pakistan,” he said, criticizing the country’s duel policy towards Kabul.

Khattak called on the international humanitarian organization to provide assistance to war-affected Afghans.

“The world cheated on Afghanistan but it will face its badly consequences,” he said, referring to the threats that the world may face from Afghanistan.

Khattak sees the Afghan issue as another cold war-which he says erupted between U.S. and China. He meanwhile, asked the neighboring countries to remain their gates opened against the displaced Afghans.

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