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After losing eyes to landmine, stranded ANA soldier seeks govt support

AT-KABUL: An Afghan soldier who lost his eyes to a landmine explosion in Nimroz province seeks government’s support for medical treatment.

Bridmal Ayanullah, an Afghan soldier and a resident of Chapa Darra district of Kunar province, lost his eyes to a landmine in Nimroz province about three months ago. After the tragic incident, he lives in an abysmally painful condition as he is unable to see and carry out his military duty as though he wants to. His is a melancholic tale as he has been striving to gain the paradise lost (eye sight), but to no effect as he cannot bear all the expenses of medical surgery for regaining his lost paradise. Sharing his tragic tale with “VOA Pashto”, he said he visited India on his personal capacity for medical treatment, however, the ground under his feet skipped when he came to know how much it costs him.  He called on the government to provide him with all necessary financial support so that he could see the world once again and can fight against militants once again. “For the past three months, I have been lurched. The government’s inattention is horrific. I have not been given proper attention for medical treatment,” Ayanullah lamented.

“I went to India for medical treatment, but came back home dejected as I was unable to bear the expenses on my personal capacity,” he said.

“The doctors told me that the surgery will cost around $US70, 00 but I was unable to pay this much amount,” he recalled.

“After losing my eyes to the landmine, I have become a prisoner of life. The incident still dogs me. I cannot see. My life has become darkened. And I have been fighting the stress and strain and mental trauma caused by the incident for the past three months,” he said.

“I call on the government to support me financially so that I could undergo surgical operation and could see the world once again and join my comrades once again in the field and fight for the defense of the country. I want to fight terrorism. This is my life objective,” he said.

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