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AGO addresses 2,700 cases of violence against women

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Attorney General Office has addressed 2,701 cases of violence against women this year and perpetrators of violence were not included in presidential pardon decrees.

“These cases of violence against women had been addressed since December 2018, most of which received logical conclusion,” said AGO spokesman Jamshid Rasouli.

He said that torture, sexual attack, sexual harassment, disgrace, shaming, physical injury and infliction of disability, self-immolation, suicide, forced adultery and others were the cases adjudicated by the AGO.

The AGO had established certain units working to curb violence against the gender and provide them justice countrywide. Thirty two of such units were being administered by women, he added.

He said the violence against women varied from province to province and its level needed formulation of a counter-strategy.

He said in the past two years the number of female attorneys had increased from three percent to 22 percent – an exemplary recruitment in the AGO history. He said most of the cases reaching the AGO had been addressed particularly concerning violence against women.

About the uptick in violence against women this year, Rasouli said such incidents had not increased but women’s access to justice had improved.

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