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AGO seeks public support to probe Logar sexual abuse

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KABUL: After appointment of delegation to probe sexual abuse of schoolchildren in southern Logar province, the Attorney General Office (AGO) has now called on people to cooperate with the delegation to transparently investigate the cases. To hold the identification of the individuals secret, the AGO has examined a special phone number “180”.

The office in a statement has once again emphasized that it would transparently investigate the sexual abuse cases and would share the details with media.

The concerns about the pedophile acts have grown after a Britain newspaper, Guardian published a report that over 500 schoolchildren have been abused in sexual affairs by the school teachers and head masters in logar.

The report has faced serious criticism by several human rights defenders and as well as top Afghan and foreign politician. However, the parliament has earlier appointed a delegation to investigate the case, however, the delegation came with empty hand.

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