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Ahadi asks govt for APC to address current challenges

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Head of the New National Front of Afghanistan (NNFoA) on Thursday asked the government to convene all parties’ conference (APC) to address the outstanding challenges while exploring multi-dimensional solutions.

Expressing deep concerns over rifts among the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders and mounting crisis, Anwarul Haq Ahadi said that convention of a grand political conference is the only solution to overcome current challenges across the country.

“The government shall organize a grand political conference on emergency basis to see the causes of rifts and seek solutions. The conference shall be attended by politicians and high-ranking officials. The conference shall also look into implementation of the agreement on the basis of which the National Unity Government was established,” he suggested.

He said that if the participants of the proposed conference do not reach to a clear agreement then the government should announce early-election schedule in order to cope with the crisis that prevented the country from development.

“The government has completed two years but marred by crisis. Recent complaints by First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum and President’s Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance Ahmad Zia Massoud had pushed the government to a new stage of scandal. Remarks of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah regarding the internal rifts were a serious issue that could not be ignored,” said Ahadi.

Talking about his party’s stance on the government crisis, he said that NNFoA believes that besides personal divergence, paradoxes in structure of the NUG is the main factor behind the existence of rifts between top officials. Ahadi claimed that establishment of the Chief Executive Office, out of the frame of Constitution, has weakened the authority and role of the first vice president.

“As the authority of Chief Executive was not explained in the law, thus emergence of rifts and differences between President, CEO and First vice President was evident,” he said.

He furthered that resolving tension between governmental officials without addressing paradoxes in NUG structure would not guarantee a “well relaxed relations” in the government in future. Ahadi added that internal differences was not only challenge but public also question credibility and legitimacy of the NUG because the current government is illegitimate and cannot address problems of the general public.

“Trust deficit between citizens and the government has increased manifold in the past two years. Therefore, easing tension between the top leaders will not be enough. A legitimate government with required capacity is imperative to put an end to the existing challenges,” Ahadi said.

It is pertinent to mention that recently Dostum and Ahmad Zia Massoud had complained regarding tension and imbalances in authority of the NUG. They even said that if the NUG leaders do not address the challenges, people would have no other choice, but to seek alternatives.

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