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Aid distributed to tens of IDPs in Faryab

KABUL: Some 350 internally displaced families were assisted with foodstuff and other essentials in the northern province of Faryab, while local authorities demand more.

Naqibullah Fayeq, provincial governor, said Monday that the number of displaced people was increasing, thus more assistance was needed.

Local government distributed essentials to the families who have recently fled their houses in the districts of Shirin Tagab and Khwaja Sabzposh, living in critical conditions in the Maimana city, the provincial capital.

Fayeqsaid that more than 100 families had not received assistance yet.

Members of the provincial council also said that the number of thedisplaced familieswas increasing due the insecurity.

However, the head of the provincial refugees and repatriates department, Mohammad Rahim, said that the exact number of the displaced persons and their assistance was not clear, admitting that people are displaced every day from their main areas due to insecurity.

The assistance continues to internally displaced families in this province, according to provincial officials.

Insecurity in Faryab province once a relatively calm area, is getting worse as Taliban militants have stepped up attacks on security forces as well as ordinary civilians in several districts.

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