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‘Aid pledged in Brussels is for nation, not govt’

Taking separate flights to Brussels is a clear sign of tension between President Ghani and CEO Abdullah: Ehsani

By Farhad Naibekhel-KABUL: The Young Activists Network for Reform and Change (YANRC), a civil society organ, said Wednesday that the Brussels’ financial aid would be for the Afghan nation, not a white check for the national unity government, thus, it should be spent transparently in the light of conditions.

“The government leaders are required to follow conditions strictly and spend the money transparently,” said the YANRC Secretary Hekmatullah Ehsan.

He called the international community’s conditions fight corruption, bringing electoral reforms, improving security and peace in Afghanistan, saying they are “the desire of Afghan people”.

He warned if the aids are not spent according to the conditions, it would put negative impacts nationwide.

Ehsan called on the government to be accountable in spending the money should avoid embezzlement.

The YANRC Deputy Secretary Sayed Maisam Ehsani accused the government of failing in working in the past two years, saying that “the government’s inefficiency is the main factor behind all challenge Afghanistan faced”.

He blamed President Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdulla for fanning the flaming of discords among nations across the country.

He said that government failed to fulfill only few of the pledges made both leader during electoral campaign.

“Even the government’s leaders could not solve internal issues between both teams,” Ehsani noted.

“Taking separate flights to Brussels, is a clear sign of tensions between President Ghani and CEO Abdullah.”

Pointing to ramp up insecurity in different parts of country, particularly fall down of Kunduz city to Taliban, he said that soldiers fight bravely, but inefficiency of high ranking officials including military generals are the main factors behind fall of Kunduz city, and other districts in Helmand and Uruzgan provinces.

Ehsani believes that nepotism had reached at high level in the military system, saying it had had increased insecurity on the highways.

In the past 14 years, people have been embarking for unity, but in the past two years, they have been led to discordances, he stated.

YANRC criticizes the government for failure, while both leaders attended the Brussels conference, where European country and international organization pledges new assistance to Afghanistan for next four years.

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