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AIHRC castigates NUG for failing in uplifting women’s status

KABUL: Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has castigated National Unity Government (NUG) for failure to improve women’s psychological security and their safety in the society.

The watchdog said Afghan women are in worst situation that the past and are deprived of physiological security in the society but the NUG has been reluctant to help them in this regard.

Radio Azadi on Saturday quoted the AIHRC commissioner, Suraya Subrang, as saying that the government is trying to improve women’s life in the country but these struggles have not yield vital result yet.

She said that no tangible change has been made in women’s life in Afghanistan during the first six months of the National Unity Government. According to her, the government’s efforts in empowering women have not been practiced and have remained mere lip service.

However she said that political will of the government about improvement of women’s life is one of the points that can make women somehow hopeful for their future.

A number of women’s rights activists said they have not seen any positive change in women’s life in first six months of the new government.

Munira Yusuf, an activist, was quoted by Radio Azadi, as saying that the government should end the culture of impunity and punish women’s rights violators. She said cases of violence against women have reached central cities while it was common in rural areas.

She said the two leaders of the government had lots of slogans for supporting women’s rights during their presidential campaigns but unfortunately their attention has driven on other issues rather than supporting women’s rights and improving their life.

She criticized delay in cabinet formation and appointment of governors for provinces, and said the government should first form the cabinet and then take concrete measures for empowering women in Afghanistan, as they have borne the brunt of violence for past several years but now they want to see prosperous future and brighter days in their life.

A number of activists suggest that cases of violation against women should be investigated properly and the way of combat against such violent cases should be trained to students at schools all over the country.

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