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Airline ticket prices are nearly doubled in the country


Kabul: A number of travel agencies in Afghanistan say that the price of airline tickets has doubled since last year.

According to these agencies, currently the price of tickets for Kabul – Dubai is $500, while two years ago it was $250.

“Before, the price of tickets for Kabul- Dubai and Kabul-Istanbul flights was more than $200 and now it’s more than $450,” said Hasib Ahmad, a travel agent.

“The prices are so high and face people with challenges for both airfare and transit (of goods) that go to Dubai and Istanbul,” said Tamim, an employee of a travel agency.

According to travel agencies, the number of passengers on flights has decreased.

Some traders said that due to the suspension of flights of foreign airlines, the price of tickets has increased, and they asked the authorities to monitor the price of tickets.

“Unfortunately, recently airlines increased the price of tickets, and that price is so high for passengers and traders,” said Mahboobullah, a trader.

“We call on the interim administration to provide help for traders to travel and to control the prices,” said Ezatullah Niazi.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation said the increase in the price of airplane fuel in the world is the most important reason for the increase in the price of air travel in the country.

“We have a certain price for foreign flights but if they increase it more we will interfere as we interfered with Pakistani flights in the early days of the government,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, reported Tolo news.

Currently, Mahan, Taban, Kam Air, and Ariana companies are transporting passengers abroad, and so far, major foreign aviation companies such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Fly Dubai have not resumed their flights in Afghanistan.

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