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Airstrike targets public uprising militias, kills seven

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KABUL: At least seven members of public uprising movement were killed by an airstrike in the northeastern province of Takhar, the province’s representatives in parliament said.

Members of parliament representing Takhar, said Monday that the attacks took place in the Baharak district, in which eight of the militias were also wounded.

Separately, two districts in the province fell to Taliban after clashes between the militants and security forces.

Officials in the ministry of defense did not comment on the air attack, but rejected fall of the districts, though confirming ongoing clashes.

Lawmakers from Takhar claimed that the airstrike was carried out by Afghan and foreign troops.

Provincial officials denounced the attack as a violation, saying an investigation was going on.

Takhar has been a battlefield between Taliban fighters and security forces in recent months, with provincial council saying that currently the insurgents controlling seven districts where elections were not held.

Defense ministry said that Taliban suffered great casualties in the clashes with security forces.

This is not the first time that pro-government armed men come under government and foreign air attacks, but such incidents happened several times in the past.

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