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AISA opens first ever business innovation center in Kabul

Due to lack of government support 1024 factory are at the brink of collapse: Hafizi

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) on Monday opened its first ever business innovation center in Kabul to support innovators.

“Through opening of business innovation center, a crucial step has been hold to support Afghan innovators across the country,” Head of AISA, Qurban Haqjo told newsmen.

Criticizing lack of governmental program to support inventors, he said that this center would help inventors to register their drafts and innovation aimed at displaying it in exhibitions.

“Inventors would be supported to commercialize their innovation and also facilitate in providing loans to the creators,” he added.

“Balance deduction is high, economic challenges has increased and also there is decline in business growth by passing every year across the country,” he asserted.

He said that annually 400,000-500,000 additional work forces were entering to markets, but there is no job opportunities for them. “Taking into account the challenges, Afghanistan need speedy economic progress in order to overcome these challenges,” he insisted.

He highlighted that markets has been changed to a competition ground, so in order to beat competitors Afghans inventors must produce goods with high quality and reasonable price.

“All means should be utilized to lead the country toward economic development,” he stated.

He emphasized that Afghan inventors should not copy anyone during production, they must have new innovation accordance to Afghanistan requirement and needs.”

He said that the government should come up to the fore to support and motivate inventors in a bid to steer the country toward economic development and also prevent low quality goods importation from abroad. Five million Afs along with an especial unit was allocated for business innovation center, he mentioned.

Head of International Relation Committee of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) Azrakhsh Hafizi said that due to lack of government support, 1024 factories are at the brink of collapse across the country.

He said that $4 billion is available in the bank, so the government should manage programs for circulation of this capital. Head of Afghanistan Industrial Association, SaKhi Ahmad Paiman slammed government for being negligent to support investors, said that the government should stop giving slogans, rather practical step is the need of the hour to support investments in the country. He said that around eight million Afghans are with no job. This come at a time when Afghanistan importing$10 billion goods from abroad, if these goods start being producing at home it would overcome joblessness menace. The time is ripe for the government to initiate encouraging programs and pave ground for investment inside the country, he underlined.

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